Dog Leg Dilemma: 

    "A first class diversion that will fry your brain as you try to follow along"

                                                                                                  -Chris Spector, The Midwest Record   

Dog Leg Dilemma is an energetic, playful, hard hitting, electric jazz quartet that borrows from a wide variety of styles including heavy metal, disco, reggae, rock, funk, fusion, world music and movie soundtracks. The group features Anthony Argatoff on alto saxophone, Nick Lavkulik on guitar, Peter Bull on bass and Noah Sherman on drums. Anthony's lyrical style and melodic agility lend a slippery strength to the band's melodic voice, and when Nick isn't melting faces or supplying atmosphere so thick you can almost drink it, he can be found on the front line, functioning as a second horn. At the back of the stage there is the rhythm section. Band leader, bass player, and composer, Peter dances along the fine line between holding down the groove and providing a running melodic commentary for what everyone else is playing. On the Drum throne, Noah is a perpetual trickster, keeping things playful and lighthearted. His is the perfect rhythmic accompaniment for Peter's compositions which seamlessly fuse the frenetic, the tragic, and the comic.

Dog Leg Dilemma Launched their first studio album, Not This Time, in December of 2017 to widespread critical acclaim and a healthy dose of international radio play. With this milestone accomplished, the group is focusing on developing new material and booking a 2018 summer tour. The bands mission is to use their raw energy and emotionally charged performances to bring improvised music to a broader audience. 


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Radio Play


CFRC 109.5 (Kingston Ontario)

CJSR 88.5 fm (Edmonton, Alberta)

CJUM (UMFM 101.5 fm) (Winnipeg, Manitoba)

CKLU 96.7 fm (Sudbury, Ontario)

WWPV 92.5 fm (Burlington, Ontario)

WKPS, The Lion 90.7 fm (Pennsylvania)

WGXC 90.7 FM, The Jazz Disturbance (New York)

ArtX fm (Online)

KEUL (Alaska)

WUWF 88.1 (Florida)

WICN 90.5 fm (New England)

WCPN (Cleveland)

WBCX 89.1 FM (Georgia)

Modern Jazz Today (Online)

Hawaii Public Radio

WSLR 96.5 (Florida)


Radio ARA, Luxembourg

WWSP Jazz/World/Plus (Wisconsin) 

CKVL 100.1 - La Voix de la Communité (QC)

HPR - Hawaii Public Radio

CKIA 88.3 - Radio Urbaine (QC)

Internet Radio:

One Man's Jazz - (Manitoba)

Anima Jazz with Bruno Pollacci -


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What the Critics Say:

"The spiritual great grand children of Spike Jones, these jazzbo rebels without a cause are a first class diversion that'll fry your brain as you try to follow along. Strap in here if a wild ride is on your to do list."

Chris Spector – The Midwest Record

"The seven originals are unlike anything you might be currently listening to… It’s a fun-filled roller coaster ride that straddles metal, disco, reggae, rock ‘n’ roll, funk, fusion, worldbeat, jazz and movie soundtracks."

Mike Greenblatt – The Aquarian Weekly

"[DLD] are a change from bands mired in the 1960s. Starting the CD with This Must Be Why I Came Home with an ersatz emcee’s comments leading into a jazz- rock polka also shows a sense of self-deprecating fun."

Ken Waxman – The WholeNote

"Dog Leg Dilemma performs seven richly conceived Bull compositions that sway from post bop to heavy metal… Clever melodies are in abundance… Ironic titles, but rewarding music."

George W. Harris – Jazz Weekly

"…their high-talent, high-energy romps through jazz landscapes like you’ve never heard before are filled with something often lacking in today’s jazz scene – PURE unadulterated GLEE! … These folks are masters of creating sonic environments where you’re not sure what’s going to come next, that is (for this reviewer, anyway) a very, VERY good thing!"

Dick Metcalf – Improvijazzation Nation

"The resulting collage of disparate rhythms, textures, melodic structures and styles is outlandish, chaotic, humorous, utterly unpredictable, and entertaining. …This is not music for the faint of heart. Nor is it a ponderously cerebral thought-experiment. It's an explosion of form astute and appealingly lighthearted, as off-kilter as it is absorbing. [3 Stars]"

Franz A. Matzner – All About Jazz

Radio Charts

#2 !Earshot National Jazz Chart Jan 10th 2017 (View Chart)

#1 CJSR 88.5 - Edmonton Jazz (View Chart)

#7 CFRC 101.9 Kingston Jazz (View Chart)